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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we went back up to the beach house for Labor Day Weekend and one last Hoorah before school starts tomorrow. There was a ton of visiting family through the weekend and we had an absolute blast. It was hard to leave today. Probably one of our best weekends of all time! We also celebrated Jack's upcoming Birthday since we had the whole family together. We gave him his gift from us right away...he was so anxious to see what it was!
 Then VERY EXCITED once he saw it.

 He had to go try it RIGHT AWAY

 Then Aunt Becky wanted to give him his gift from her.

 Oh baby...a metal detector...just what he wanted!

 It was too rainy to try the electronics outside but we figured we could go play in the water in the rain. Owen and Ella played with Grandpa Pete in Grandma's kayak while Jack rode some waves on his new kayak.

 The next day I took the boys out to the middle of the bay on the kayaks (Owen with me and Jack on his own) to see the ship wreck.
 Brian, Amanda and Brady hit the beach.

 Gus and Brady meet for the first time!

 Love this little buddy. He makes me smile :)

 Aunt Becky with Guster
 My beautiful little girl
 Umble Pao and his little dude
 Ella and Otis playing in the water

 Gus had to try out the water

 Ella loves her Gussy so she stayed close by the entire time

 Ella holding Gus in the tube
 Jack on the beach at sunset
 My Owen with his bucket
 Neil sailing in at sunset. This place is paradise!
 Sunset dinner for Gus

 She was sort of a disaster by the end of the weekend....dirty and happy!
 Celebrating Jack's Birthday that night. Aunt Becky, Gus and Owen :)
 That is painful to see...SEVEN years old. My baby is growing up!

 Sweet Baby Gus with his Aunt
 Love these smiles. So relaxed and surrounded by the people that Love him. Makes me so darn happy!

 Our party people.

 Opening his gift from Grandma and Grandpa....quickly discarding the clothes :)

 Eh....well that was anti-climactic. 
 Ohhh...another bag?!?!

 WOOHOO! His very own tablet. Lucky little monkey!
 So happy!

 Since most of the league was on hand we had our first LIVE Fantasy Football Draft this year!
 Owen playing some games. He is obsessed right now!
 The tongue comes out when it gets serious!
 Love that smile!
 The morning after some really cute french braids!
 Grandma with her Baby Gus

 Ready to jetski in the COLD weather!
 Owen with his little cousin
 Some last snuggles for Ella and Momma before we hit the road! What a great way to end our summer!!!

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