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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School...After The Fact

First day...SUCCESS! We had a long day at home...waiting....wondering....missing our boys. We got to the bus stop a half an hour early. Ella was stomping around waiting for her boys. When they got off the bus they were so happy! Owen said his first day was "AWEESOOOMMEE!!!!!" and it was "really easy!". He got to make a heart magnet and got to play outside THREE TIMES (big stuff to a 5 year old). He loved his teachers and everyone was nice to him (Jack asked if anyone was mean to him...protective much?). He ate his whole snack and his whole lunch and had no problems. He said he only got sad once during recess when he thought school was getting kind of long. He was tired but not overly tired or cranky when he got home. It was an awesome first day for Owen. He has tomorrow off (they start half the Kindergartners today, half tomorrow, all on Thursday) so I get to annoy him ALLLL DAY tomorrow :)

Jack said school was great and he "loved it"! He likes his teacher and his class. He loves his desk that opens and he already forgot to bring his snack dish home because he shoved it in there. I predict lots of moldy utensils if we aren't careful! Jack only got to go outside twice (super bummer once he heard Owen went out three times) but he seemed happy overall. He said his favorite part of the day was math (he explained what they did in detail...rare for him) and he was excited for more math tomorrow. Here is hoping he feels the same in the morning!

Now...on to the pictures. Ella waiting at the bus stop.
 And....the best party of my day. I can't even tell you how sweet it was!

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