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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

We will get to the baby takeover in a minute but first we have Owen working the camera in his overalls.

Such a ham.
I wish there was better light in this picture because I adore this face.
Nothing like a kid with no pants in the background of a cute picture!
Tonight we went to a baby shower (coolest baby shower ever by the way) for couples/families. It was a nice chance to get friends together and a lot of babies. Here is a shot of some of the new Daddies with their little ones. Neil with Owen and Jack, Dustin with Carter (2 months old), Jason with Jake (13 months), and Mike with Evan (4 months).
Trent and Julie (the lovely parents-to-be) jumped in a photo as well!
Neil and Jack want THIS basement. Not too shabby! Trent and his Dad do custom car painting and they store cars in the basement in the winter. Pretty neat!

Here a few new videos. First Owen is getting the hang of singing. He will sing the ABC's if you start it (he makes the noises but he doesn't know the letters) and he loves these songs as well.
This is a messy snack.
Owen is also finally learning to go down the stairs in a controlled manner. Our days of gating off the basement will soon be over!

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