The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trooper Owen

This morning Daddy trucked Owen into the emergency room because he has been struggling with a cold which had obviously led to an ear problem. We decided to do the emergency room because we are leaving for Florida on Tuesday morning and we wanted to get some antibiotic in him before we have to get on the airplane. The doctor confirmed that he has an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection but he has been such a trooper. He is still really happy despite the fact that his ears are obviously bothering him. He was even protesting eating and sleeping (two of his favorite things). He managed to get some important stuff done today though.
He cooked a wonderful meal in the mini kitchen.
He rode Jack's tricycle backwards
He watched Jack turn his tent upside down
He helped Daddy with some plumbing work

He made a huge mess eating mashed potatoes and corn

Notice the Otis nose by his hand
Lucky Otis!

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