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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Update

Well things went from bad to worse around here but they seem to be turning the corner today (finally!). Jack and Owen did a joint doctor trip Friday to find that Owen had another ear infection and Jack's breathing had gotten worse. Jack got a steroid shot at the doctor and has been on oral steroids and antibiotics at home to try to help him as well as his nebulizer treatments. He continued to deteriorate with a high fever and trouble breathing and he was making Mommy worry to death until finally this morning we woke up seeming better. It has been a LONG couple of days with little sleep in this house!
Here is Owen on the little tractor before his ear infection set in.
He likes it!
We needed activities that kept Jack from moving since even walking made him struggle to breath and set him into a coughing fit so out came the bike trailer!
Yesterday morning Jack was really not doing well. He woke up with a temperature and could hardly keep his eyes open. Here he is with his nebulizer.
Trying to stay awake.
Almost out...
He lost the battle...
Poor guy!
Even after he had been awake awhile and I got him dressed he couldn't get off the couch. He was breaking my heart!
So sad.
This morning Jack woke up seeming much better. The flush in his cheeks is gone (as is the fever) and he is much happier even though he is still a bit sleepy. Check him out!
Awesome sweater from the Bows.
That is my happy guy!
I was so glad to see him getting better. It is hard to see him in that much discomfort.
Yup...that's my Jack!
Daddy turned the fireplace on today to show it to Jack. Here he is showing Jack how to feel for the warmth.
"Like this Daddy?"
Relaxing by the fire.
Owen is taking the ear infection like a trooper. Here he is dining alfresco today.
He spent the whole time pointing out birds.

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