The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Friday, March 6, 2009

Boat Babies

Today we had the pleasure of joining Grandma and Grandpa's friend Mike on his boat. We went up the inter coastal waterway to the ocean where we had a yummy lunch (Mmmm, grouper!) before heading back to the marina.
This first picture is from last night but it was too cute not to include!
When we headed out on the boat we had perfect weather. It was in the 80s and sunny today!
Jack with the wind blowing in his face.
Jack driving the boat with Grandpa.
Owen was unimpressed (or tired) so he slept the whole hour and a half trip out to the ocean.

Snoozing away
After lunch Owen was wide awake and ready for action!

On the way back in it started to get a bit chilly with the ocean breeze and the cloudy sky. Jack had to borrow Daddy's jacket because his wouldn't fit over his life jacket.

Eventually we got smart and put the cover over the front of the boat and made a tent for Jack and Owen to play in and stay warm at the same time. It was perfect because they were just starting to get restless so they had something new to play with. Obviously they loved it!
Jack crashed in the car immediately once we got back and slept for a long time. We had a low key evening as we stayed at the house and swam in the pool.


taylor said...

Cool shades Jack!! I would have slept on the boat too, Owen!

Aunt Karen said...

Looks like fun! Smiles all around... :)