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Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're Still Here!

Ever since we got home from Florida the camera has been set aside. I guess all the picture taking in Florida wore me out! Our trip home was relatively uneventful aside from the kids not liking the plane ride too much but we made it home safe and sound. We have spent the rest of the week recovering from traveling as well as colds. We are all sick! We have spent the past 2 days enjoying the weather outside though. Bring on the sun!
Daddy got a bloody nose yesterday and Jack wanted a "nose rocket" just like Daddy.
Jack got to get re-acquainted with his swing set yesterday in the sun.
He still likes it!
Owen liked it too!
Jack is getting good at pedaling his bike.
He also likes yard work so he helped Mommy and Daddy rake the yard.
Owen had spaghetti dinner last night...always a tidy affair.
Today we spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house with Aunt Becky, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Paul and Otis Doggy. Aunt Sarah showed us how cool your hair can look on the trampoline while Jack and Aunt Becky watched.
Otis kept trying to get in but he had to sit on the edge.
Jack liked Grandpa's new leaf blower.
He thought it was hilarious to blow a hat with the blower.
He was blowing the hat right off of Aunt Sarah's head!

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Aunt Karen said...

I love the 'nose rockets'! :)