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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today Jack and I made the long trek up to Disney World. To say he was excited (especially to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse) is the understatement of the century. He LOVED it!
Here we see Pluto as we first arrive.
Jack in front of Pluto (he didn't want to go near him).
Staring in awe.
In front of the main street and the castle.
Jack in front of the castle.
On our first ride. The airplane ride.
On another ride.
He liked this Buzz Lightyear ride (also one of Mommy's favorites!)
In front of the Speedway.
After our Speedway race!
The famous teacups.
On the roller coaster ascent.
Jack absolutely loved the carousel.
Digging it!
Relaxing in front of the Magic Kingdom.
No Jack in this picture...sorry!
Eating his Mickey ice cream sandwich.
Jack with his super cool Mickey balloon.
The only bad part of the day is that it was really hot outside (uppers 80s, no wind, lots of sun) so we didn't make the full day at the park. We put in 7 hours of rides (he rode every single ride he was big enough for) and then called it a day. I will have videos tomorrow after they are done uploading!

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rachel said...

That balloon is very cool Jack, I wish I had one. I hope you guys are having fun on your vacation, you're making my family and I jealous!!